Sara Jay – Busty Business, Man

Busty Business, Man

Busty Business, Man

Sara Jay is the hardest-working hooker in ho business. She pounds the pavement looking for a man with the bucks to pound her cunt. And lo and behold! She bumps into this perverted businessman who is looking for a little bit of busty business, man. She approaches him and he starts trying to strike a bargain with Sara right away. Sara lets him know that he can’t nickel and dime good pussy and hops into his car for their rendezvous in an abandoned garage. Not only does she lay that pussy and those tits on him, but she also talks to him about add-ons that will cost him only a little bit more but are guaranteed to give him pleasure. That’s right, Sara Jay is a hooker with upgrades. For just a little more dough she gives an extra blow. For just a little more cash you can work that ass. These are a pair of perkies that come with perks.

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Bedeli B. – The Sexy Cubanita

The Sexy Cubanita

The Sexy Cubanita

Miami is known for housing some of the baddest Cubanitas you’ll ever see. You can’t go down to South Beach without seeing them traveling in bunches in tiny bikinis and shorts. Bedeli is one of those sexy Miami Latinas. She’s got blonde hair, blue eyes, tan skin and the ass these chicks are famous for.

“When I go out, I dress to kill,” Bedeli said. “If it’s just around town or to a club, I have to look great. My breasts should always show, and my ass is right behind. I’m actually better known as the girl with the big booty.”

Right now, our boy Juan is gonna get a taste of that famous Miami booty. He’s got Bedeli waiting for him all alone in his house, and she’s strung herself up to a staircase naked for easy access. Bedeli likes to dance, and she twerks a little for Juan as he smacks and plays with her ass.

“I love to dance,” Bedeli said. “It’s one of my favorite things to do. I think that’s why guys like fucking me so much. I love riding on a guy’s cock and shaking my ass with his dick inside me the same way I do when I’m dancing at a club.”

That isn’t too much of a stretch for Bedeli, though. One of her favorite memories is fucking in a club in Miami.

“It was awesome,” she said. “Not many were watching, but, yes, it was public. I would consider doing it again!”

We hope she does and that one of us is the lucky dude who gets to bang out her pussy in a club. We’d be sure to fuck her doggy style and cum all over ass like our boy Juan does at the end of this scene. Just the way a Cubanita likes it.

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Bedeli B. – Bedeli gets rich and creamy

Bedeli gets rich and creamy

Bedeli gets rich and creamy

Bedeli isn’t the type of chick you would usually call high strung. We’ve all seen this girl get down, but seein’ her like this, we’ll call her high strung or anything else she wants. The sight of Bedeli’s creamy skin, tight curves and phat ass tied to a stairwell waiting for you to dominate her is a welcome surprise for any man. It’s like receiving some gift-wrapped pussy for your birthday.

But when you’ve got Bedeli like this, you can’t give it all to her at once. Our boy Juan knows he’s got to warm Bedeli up with a little teasing before going to work on all that ass and booty.

Juan oils up and plays with Bedeli’s ass. Like the saying goes, “that must be jelly ’cause jam don’t jiggle like that.” And man, does Bedeli have an ass made for poppin’ and jiggling. We could watch it all day.

“Oh, play with my ass,” Bedeli moans. “You’re getting me all hot.”

Juan keeps the teasing going by licking her asshole. Being the good dude that he is, Juan asks Bedeli if she’s ready for more.

“You want me to untie you?” he asks.

“Oh, yeah, baby,” Bedeli responds. “I want you to fuck my ass.”

Juan unties her, but the teasing isn’t done yet. He finger-blasts Bedeli’s tight, pink pussy while licking her nipple, and Bedeli moans with ecstasy until she can’t take anymore. She hops down onto her knees and shoves Juan’s fat cock into her mouth with vigor, taking nearly every inch she can down her throat.

Finally, Juan takes Bedeli onto the couch, and she shoves his cock into her dripping, wet pussy.

“Aw, yeah,” she says as Juan fucks her reverse-cowgirl. “I love that dick inside my pussy. You make me so hot.”

Things get hotter when Juan gets Bedeli onto her side and sticks his stiff dick into her asshole.

“Oh, that ass is so tight,” he says as he shoves his cock in and out of her.

“Oh, fuck my ass,” Bedeli screams after Juan turns her around and fucks her ass doggy style. “Aye, Papi, just like that. Que rico!”

Que rico means how rich or how nice in Spanish, which is a fitting way to end this scene. Juan unleashes a nice, rich torrent of cum into Bedeli’s mouth. Que rico, indeed.

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Skyy Black – This Skyy has no limits

This Skyy has no limits

This Skyy has no limits

When you see Skyy Black, the only thing you can say is, “Baby got back.” She’s got serious back. Skyy actually causes earthquakes when she makes her ass clap. She’s a 10 on the Richter and bad-bitch scales.

Chicks like Skyy aren’t for the meek. You gotta be ready if you wanna satisfy her. She’s a bonafide freak who loves to fuck and take man-creams.

“There’s nothing I love more than sex,” she said. “I have a lot of fantasies. I dream about taking on two guys with 12-inch dicks. I want both of them inside me. I want both of them in my mouth at the same time. I want to swallow all of their cum.”

There’s nothing we love more than a chick who loves dick. Skyy’s got a couple more fetishes we really need to see. She’s into bondage and loves when a dude can dominate her. That’s not something she finds often, so it’s a welcome surprise for her.

“I like big, strong men,” Skyy said. “I get turned on by guys with big arms. I want a man that can handle me. I’m not a small girl, so I need a real man.”

We can appreciate that. The next time we see Skyy, we’re gonna throw one of our manliest dudes at her to own that pussy. We know she’ll love every second of it and swallow every drop of jizz he drop

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Jessica Bangkok – Asian ass

Asian ass

Asian ass

Everyone likes to go out and grab some Asian delicacies for dinner. Not everyone is lucky enough to come home and have an Asian treat sitting around waiting for you. Especially not an Asian treat as sexy, curvy with a phat ass like our newest bad bitch, Jessica Bangkok. If it makes girls look like this, we’re gonna insist that every woman get on a sweet-and-sour chicken diet. Our boy Asante is one lucky dude.

“I’m still pretty petite like most Asian girls, but this ass just popped up when I was a junior in high school,” Jessica said. “I love it, though.”

And you should, girl. We call an ass like that a blessing. Right now, it’s Asante who is about to catch some good fortune because he’s got all that ripe, tan Asian booty to himself.

She’s also the type of girl you can take out to the park or club. She’s ready for all occasions.

“Every girl likes to be sure she looks cute when she goes out. During the day, you’ll probably see me in some jeans or shorts. At night, if I’m going out to a club, I like to dress like a whore.”

We see a lot of that whore side coming out when she’s choking on Asante’s cock and riding his dick like she’s the hottest Eastern cowgirl you’ll ever see.

“I love getting my pussy beaten up doggy style,” Jessica said. “And I know a lot of girls say this, but I just love having a hung guy just destroy my pussy. I also like jumping on a guy’s cock reverse cowgirl.”

Asante is just the man for this. Jessica gets her pussy destroyed doggy style, reverse-cowgirl, and missionary. After a good fucking like this, Jessica only has one request.

“When it’s time for a guy to cum, I want all the cum on my ass!”

That’s what we like to hear.

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Jessica Bangkok – One Night In Bangkok

One Night In Bangkok

One Night In Bangkok

“Tell me how much you like surprises,” Jessica whispers seductively as her first BootyLicious hardcore scene begins.

We fuckin’ love them, girl. Especially when the surprise is a thick piece of Asian booty that’s beggin’ to be worked. Asian chicks usually don’t rock all that junk in the trunk, but this girl Jessica Bangkok is the exception.

And in case y’all were wondering, yes, she loves to bang cock day and night. That’s why we dropped off our dude Asante to handle this big-bootied Asian sensation.

“What you got in here for me?” he says as he lifts up her tight, red dress.

What she has is exactly what dudes like him go anywhere for. Asante teases Jessica with some ass-worshipping that makes her squeal like a schoolgirl. Then he takes her thong off and eats her ass and pussy from the back. This tasty Asian dish doesn’t need a drop of soy sauce to be fuckin’ delicious.

Jessica loves to suck cock, too. And she ain’t an amateur. She goes down on Asante’s big, black cock with vigor. This hot mama has no gag reflex.

But, like we said, Jessica loves to bang cocks. She hops on top of Asante and pops her pussy on his cock.

“Oh, god, you’re so deep,” she says. “Oh, you love that pussy, huh? It’s so good. You love that pussy wrapped around your cock.”

Of course, he does. And he’s not done with her pussy yet, either.

He flips her onto her side and beats her pussy up from the side.

“Oh, you fuck that pussy so good,” Jessica moans.

After a few moments, she lets out a huge orgasm. But Jessica isn’t done yet. She hops onto our boy reverse-cowgirl and then gets her pussy banged out doggy style.

“Oh, god, you make me cum so hard!” she says as she has another massive orgasm. “Cum on my ass.”

When you’re beastin’ on some pussy this good, you don’t need to be told twice.

Asante unleashes a huge load onto her ass. Jessica, being the cock-loving slut that she is, cleans her ass off with her hand and swallows it all.

“It tastes so good,” she giggles.

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Pleasure Mia – Pleasure Mia pleasures all of us

Pleasure Mia pleasures all of us

Pleasure Mia pleasures all of us

The name Pleasure Mia is much too fitting. We would love to pleasure Mia all day and night. We’d call it the 24-hour Pleasure Mia diet. It’s ass with a side of thighs and titties. Atkins won’t get you in the type of shape Mia would.

“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again,” she said. “I’m a freak. I’m the kind of girl that goes after what she wants. What’s the point in waiting around for some guy to figure out if you’re worth his time or not? I say, fuck that shit.”

Our boy John seems to agree with that. After some ass worshiping, Pleasure takes control and goes down on his stiff cock. This chick shows off her love of cock when she takes his meat all the way down her throat a few times.

That’s before things get to where Pleasure wants them to go. She wants to go for a ride and hops up onto his cock reverse-cowgirl. She pops and twerks her pussy so hard, you can tell John can’t wait to bust his nut all over her.

It’s too early for that, though. He flips her around, and she rides his cock that way before he lays her down on her back. Just the way she likes it.

“People think missionary is boring, but I love that shit,” Pleasure said. “I like having my legs up with a guy beating my pussy up. I like when guys tease me by going fast and then slowing down a little bit, and speeding it up again. That makes my toes curl, and I cum so fucking good.”

The thought of beasting on her like that makes our toes curl and cocks stiffen. After Pleasure gets off with a loud, hot orgasm, our boy turns Pleasure around and gets her into the best position to fuck a bitch with a big ass: doggy style. After a few minutes of smashing that phat, chocolate ass, he unleashes a thick, sticky load all over it.

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Raven Sky – Army Brats 'N' Ass

Army Brats ‘N’ Ass

Army Brats 'N' Ass

A big-booty boot camp is something that sounds pretty appealing to any ass lover. A trio of big-booty bitches made that fantasy a reality in this scene. Serving your country never looked so appealing until we saw Xena, Raven Sky and Sweet Sinsacion rockin’ army fatigues.

“I like to work out,” Raven Sky said. “I get on the StairMaster and do lots of other workouts to keep my booty tight. I like working my pussy out, too. I squeeze and contract my pussy muscles sometimes when I’m alone. That way I can squeeze a guy’s fat dick when he’s inside me.”

That’s a lil’ somethin’ that sounds like it would make a dude bust a nut inside her wet pussy instantly. But before Raven works her pussy out, she works her ass out with some booty poppin’ with Sweet Sinsacion. They get their asses oiled up to rock and bounce their asses against each other before their post-workout meal.

These girls want to keep it tight, so they like to keep their meals high in protein. Good thing Xena knew a couple of hung studs kind enough to offer them some grade-A man-meat. Just what these girls needed for a full-body, ass and pussy workout.

“I’ve always wanted to have group sex,” Sweet Sinsacion said. “I was always turned on by the thought of a group of sweaty bodies rubbing, touching and licking each other all night long.”

Sounds like the type of sweet sinning we can get behind. Sweet Sinsacion had her desires come true here with these studs. This fivesome got sweet and sticky, and our boys gave this big-booty trio what bitches like this need: huge cum shots all over Xena and Sweet Sinsacion’s asses and some more on Raven Sky’s face.

Bet y’all can’t wait for the next big-booty boot camp.

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Sweet Sinsacion – Army Brats 'N' Ass

Army Brats ‘N’ Ass

Army Brats 'N' Ass

Life in the military can be rough so every now and then a recruit needs to unwind in the barracks. In this case, unwinding is a big-booty orgy that would make Uncle Sam proud.

The scene starts with Sweet Sinsacion asking Raven if she works out. If she doesn’t, she’s going to get one right now. You gotta warm up before every work out, so Sweet Sinsacion gets the blood flowing by massaging Raven’s ass and then turns around for some booty-cheek poppin’.

Xena can’t be left out of all the fun, though. While the two of them were playing, she was makin’ sure she had a couple of dudes to fill her hungry pussy.

“Y’all are in here ass-fuckin’,” she said. “I found me a lil’ sausage to go with my bun.”

A couple of hung studs who are ready to be served up three servings of phat booty walk into their barracks.

These three big-booty bitches must have been in dick withdrawal, because they fuck like they haven’t had a good piece of meat in a minute.

“Oh yeah, fuck me soldier boy,” Raven says as one stud beasts on her pussy doggie-style.

If there’s one thing a soldier knows how to do, it’s follow orders. Good thing, because these chicks can’t get enough. They’re poppin’ pussy and sweatin’ like they can’t get enough sexin’.

“Fuck me like you want a promotion,” Sweet Sinsacion screams.

They do want promotions, and show their eagerness by dropping huge nuts on Sweet Sinsacion and Xena’s asses and onto Raven’s face.

That’s what we call an honorable discharge.

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Keita Eden – "Pour Champagne On my Crack!"

“Pour Champagne On my Crack!”

Keita Eden is not only pretty, but she has one of those wide asses that you want to grab on to while you tap that from behind. Watch her get all dolled up to fuck and have champagne poured down her ass crack. She even gets an ice cube pushed into her hot pussy before she gets cocked down hard. “It’s all about being open to whatever a man wants to do in the bedroom,” says Keita. “If he wants to get freaky with ice cubes and bubbly, I am all for that. As long as he does me right and then sprays my ass with his cum so I can lick it all off. I love the way that cum tastes. So as long as he gives me that sweet cum, I am down for whatever kinky shit he wants to do.”

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